We are Experienced

Greenhost has more than ten years experience in webhosting. Started as a two-person operation, we have grown into a company with seven employees and thousands of websites. We are constantly improving our platform, partly thanks to the feedback of our customers, many of whom are professionals. We use cloud and cluster hosting based on a storage platform. All components, such as power and internet, have multiple connections and we use two separate data centers for optimal security and up-time.


Flexible platform

Greenhost offers a hosting platform with comprehensive support. The green data center Evoswitch, where we keep our servers, is connected via multiple fiberglass cables to the largest internet exchange point in the Netherlands and is secured 24/7. Because we use cluster hosting our various servers can take over a faulty server’s traffic if needed. Using cluster hosting not only makes our platform sustainable and efficient, but also very suitable for large or frequently visited websites.



Greenhost keeps track of all its systems with monitoring software. Small problems are automatically fixed and larger problems trigger an SMS to be sent to a technician who takes action immediately.

We use energy efficient hardware from SUN and IBM. In our platform design we take into account that even the best hardware will break at some point. Systems are therefore setup in duplicate and there is reserve capacity that can be used if necessary. Additionally, all our systems are backed up and the data is stored for a long time.

Information regarding systems and configurations is well monitored by our staff, so there are always multiple technicians who can help solve any potential problems.


Complete support

Because we have been around for more than ten years we have encountered and dealt with some of the most complex support issues imaginable. Also, due to our contact with other (web)professionals we have developed a high level of experience in dealing with various packages and configurations. We offer comprehensive self-support via our digital helpdesk. Our service pages allow you to adjust your package’s configurations to suit your needs. If you can’t find the required information on our digital helpdesk, then we offer personal support via e-mail or telephone. In cases of system malfunction we can be reached 24 hours a day.