We are Innovative

Greenhost keeps a close eye on the latest technological developments. We regularly experiment with new software and programming languages so we can eventually offer them to our customers. The Greenhost team consists of people from various backgrounds, allowing us to each approach our field of work from a different perspective. Greenhost actively contributes to (open-source) products and delivers code back to the community of open-source developers. Outside of Greenhost our employees design websites, study ICT law and/or develop open-source software.


Greenhost’s employees all come from different disciplines and are both technically and socially orientated. Our philosophy is that successful innovation is stimulated by dialogue and feedback. We are flexible, easily reachable and collaborate with our customers to come up with new ideas and solutions.


Virtualising internet services
We have, among other things, developed the technology and the know-how regarding the virtualisation of internet services. By now it has become standard practice to separate physical storage (data) from the systems running webservers. It increases stability and safety. Greenhost takes this one step further: every part of our platform, such as ftp-servers, mail servers, subversion, operates within its own virtual environment (in effect a virtual computer). Memory and CPU usage can be adjusted dynamically. Environments can be swiftly backed up, discontinued or moved. The open-source tools for managing these types of servers have made great advancements in recent years. Greenhost contributes and actively takes part in the development of such software.


New techniques
We also develop new techniques in the realm of webhosting. An example of developments in this field are the user statistics that we offer to our customers. Hosting clients are offered large amounts of information regarding the use of resources within their package: amount of memory usage, CPU time, number of processes, amount of bandwidth, which databases are used and much more. This information is not just useful for us but also for web designers who can use it to optimise their websites. It makes it easier for them to pinpoint problems and thereby make the site more efficient and therefore also greener. We have succeeded in combining existing and reliable software with our own tools to maximise our ability.