We are Committed

Greenhost is involved in socially relevant issues such as sustainability and digital freedom. Thanks to our own innovations we require 70% fewer systems and we only use sustainable energy sources. We are the only providers who don’t keep track of who you correspond with and we use free and open software. Greenhost sponsors organisations that are committed to freedom, sustainability and culture, such as Free Press Unlimited, Het IdealenKompas and De Concertzender. In 2011 we also wrote a practical guide to securing your internet traffic called ‘Basic Internet Security



The internet and the ICT-sector are responsible for enormous energy wastage and environmental pollution on a global scale. Green webhosting at Greenhost means more than just green energy and CO2 compensation. The structure of our hosting is optimised for minimal energy usage. Instead of working with individual servers, we centralise the storage (clusterhosting). By making our sever capacity flexible we can continually adjust its size to match the demand. This means that not every server needs to be individually set up for peak performance and that hard disks are not unnecessarily left running.

Furthermore, the climate neutral data center Evoswitch uses state of the art cooling systems. This results in only half of the energy usage of a traditional data center.

In every step of our production process we strive towards maximal sustainability, from our hardware and paper to the electricity we use. For the small amount of carbon compensation that is required (car journeys) we work with the Climate Neutral Group.


Digital freedom

Greenhost sees the internet as a platform for accessible information, partnerships and the forming and expressing of opinions. The idea of the internet as a free and open space is becoming increasingly compromised by the rising influence of big players like Google, Facebook and (inter)national authorities. This can threaten fundamental rights such as privacy and freedom of communication.

Greenhost believes that the democratic foundations of the internet should be safeguarded as much as possible and therefore advocates for it to be used more sensibly. Companies should take more social responsibility with regards to the privacy and freedom of communication of its customers. We work towards these goals by, among other things, being log free (we don’t keep data regarding e-mail correspondence) and by bringing these issues into the public arena.

We don’t just think about the consequences of our ICT activity but we also think about the design of the technology itself. We use open-source software and contribute to the development of open standards, so as not to tie ourselves and our customers to a certain company or product. We think transparency is important and thus are always willing to give you more information about our operations and new developments.



All of the projects we sponsor promote freedom, sustainability and culture, each in their own unique and creative way. Some projects we don’t just support financially but also practically. Greenhost sponsors Free Press Unlimited for example, an organisation that helps develop independent media in conflict zones. We sponsor Free Press Unlimited with free hosting and advise them on online privacy and safety. We also contribute to helping them come up with safe and effective ways of implementing new media technologies in their projects.


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