Readable Conditions


This is a shortened and made readable version of our new Terms and Conditions. You can not derive rights from the text; it only serves to increase accessibility conditions. Follow this link for the legally valid conditions.

Article 1: Offer and acceptance

The customer can make a selection by Greenhost’s website from the services offered by Greenhost. When the customer via a different channel say they want to make use of Greenhost’s services, such contracts shall be effective only when the customer approves the quotation provided by Greenhost. Several hours after purchasing a service / product Greenhost sends the customer a confirmation of order, until that time, the customer can still cancel his purchase. A natural person (not acting from a company) has seven days to cancel a purchase for private use. Additional work can be carried out in consultation at an (agreed) fee.

Article 2: Implementation of the Services.

The customer has the responsibility to provide all the information Greenhost need to provide good services. Greenhost has the right to suspend its services if the customer is negligent and / or in breach of the Terms and Conditions. Greenhost strive to improve in the area of energy conservation and Greenhosting.

Article 3: Support by Greenhost

Greenhost is contacted by mail and telephone. Greenhost maintains the basic systems necessary for the proper functioning of the websites and email services. For the software that installs the client side is responsible. The customer Greenhost indemnify for claims of third parties in the event of violating software licenses, unless this is provided by Greenhost.

Article 4: Availability of systems

Greenhost offers no guarantees about the on-interrupted availability but is committed to achieve this as much as possible. Greenhost is committed to keeping its installed systems and software up to date but  depends on her suppliers. When exceeding the agreed maximum data limits, storage or processor capacity is Greenhost authorized to charge extra fees. Depending on the agreed service, says Greenhost (whether free of charge), backups.

Article 5: Conduct of the content

It is forbidden to save data at Greenhost which is prohibited by law, corrupt systems of Greenhost and / or is slower and / or interferes with other customers.
Greenhost logs no incoming or outgoing email traffic unless the customer explicitly requests this.

Article 6: Experimental Software

From time to time experimenting Greenhost with software and services. The customer is free to use this software. This however is at your own risk of the customer. Greenhost is not responsible for any loss of data, and reserves the right to discontinue the experiment, extend or change without notice.

Article 7: Domain names, IP addresses and SSL ceritficaten

Only a confirmation of Greenhost stating that a service has been awarded money as proof of grant. Greenhost is not liable for the losses caused by customer of his right (s) on a domain, IP address / ssl certificate unless deliberate recklessness or intent Greenhost may apply.

Article 8: Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights on works made available at all times remain at Greenhost. Duration of the contract, the customer has the right to use.

Article 9: Prices and payment

The customer will annually the amount by bank pay in advance to Greenhost. Greenhost is authorized to suspend services if there are arrears, but the customer will first notify you of impending strike.

Article 10: Confidentiality

Customer and Greenhost treat each other’s information confidential and instruct employees also do so. Customer data is not clear to Greenhost unless explicit permission granted by the customer. Greenhost shall provide a copy of the data on customer (logs and address details) on request, but only sends it to the Host at Green registered address of the customer.

Article 11: Liability

Greenhost reimburse only actual damages in demonstrable and gross negligence of Greenhost.

Article 12: Duration and Termination

Contracts are entered into with a minimum term of one year. In the absence of a written notice at least 30 days prior to expiration of the period, the contract is automatically renewed for one year. For consumers after the minimum period, a notice period of one month.

Article 13: Amendments to Agreement

This agreement is valid for one year and is automatically renewed for the same term.
Per calendar Greenhost may modify its Terms / adjust. This occurred only 30 days after notifying the customer into force.

Article 14: Final Provisions

This agreement is governed by Dutch law. Received by Greenhost or recorded communication as authentic money, unless the customer can provide proof to the contrary.