Author: Barbara Eelman

Categories Privacy, Security

Six mobile device security tips

26 January 2017 -

Your smart phone contains a lot of your private data. But do you know how and where your data is stored? Who has access to it? How do you protect your data from third parties that are trying to collect it? Smart phone operating systems do not give you much control over your data by default, but with minimal effort you can gain control over your data and your mobile device’s behavior. Following up the six tips below will make… Read more

Author: Barbara Eelman

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Autumn newsletter: Let’s Encrypt, deprecation of old PHP-versions and more…

13 October 2016 -

Deprecation old PHP-versionsAlmost all our customers use PHP, and it is very important to keep this up to date. In the short term, several versions of PHP will be deprecated. This means that you probably have to change your PHP-version as well. For those readers wondering what PHP is, and what this may mean for you, we have a short explanation in this post. Update: Let’s Encrypt TLS certificatesLet’s Encrypt offers free certificates for securing the connection to websites. This… Read more