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PHP 7.2 available

7 June 2018 -

From today (the 7th of June 2018) PHP 7.2 is available in our Service Center. Log in as webmaster in the Service Center and got to Hosting > Management and adjust the PHP version to PHP 7.2 for your entire hosting package. On our helpdesk pages you will find a manual on how to change this setting: After switching the PHP-version, we recommend to check for any problems immediately. There is a small chance that you are experiencing some… Read more

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Newsletter GDPR

8 May 2018 -

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. This European regulation is designed to better protect citizens from data breaches and privacy violations. The new law is amongst other things stipulating how companies must handle their customers’ data. Many of our customers chose Greenhost exactly because privacy has always been one of our core values. As a result there are not many significant changes we have to make. However, we do want to take the… Read more

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Greenhost Newsletter Spring 2018

20 March 2018 -

In this spring newsletter an update on the things we’ve been working on the last few months: an open letter against the new Dutch security law, Greenhost servers are now running on energy generateded by Dutch windmills, our new VPS platform is life and DNS-over-TLS is now available. The Greenhost team Referendum new security law Tomorrow is the day! Elections will be held in the Netherlands to elect local representations. Next to this, a referendum is organized with regards to… Read more

Greenhost sponsors the Time is Now Foundation


The Time is Now Foundation is a lobby group for sustainability. The foundation states that it is about time we start to invest time and money in introducing sustainability to Dutch high school kids. With teaching sustainabilty on high schools the foundation aims to create an ethical change. To achieve this, the foundation organises round-table events quarterly. During these events a think tank is created to identify barriers and solutions for integrating sustainability in the secondary education. Greenhost thinks it… Read more

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Greenhost is sponsoring browser plug-in Art Up Your Tab

19 January 2018 -

Art Up Your Tab is a browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox. After installing the plug-in you will get to see a new art piece or archive documents from Europeana every time you open a new tab in your browser. With every image there is a possibility to read more information about the piece. The plug-in is designed to inspire, surprise, inform and get internet users acquainted with European heritage. Digitalized collections are even more visible and it takes only… Read more

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Time line update severe CPU Intel bugs

3 January 2018 -

Update 19th of January 2018 15:22 All our systems are patched an updated. From now on we will work on the long term consequences of the CPU bugs. Update 12th of January 2018 17:30 Excluding some exceptions all our customer systems has been updated. Next week we will continue updating our internal systems. During these updates small interruptions to our services could occur. Therefore the updates will take place outside office hours. We will keep you posted. Update 9th January… Read more