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Greenhost is sponsoring browser plug-in Art Up Your Tab

19 January 2018 -

Art Up Your Tab is a browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox. After installing the plug-in you will get to see a new art piece or archive documents from Europeana every time you open a new tab in your browser. With every image there is a possibility to read more information about the piece. The plug-in is designed to inspire, surprise, inform and get internet users acquainted with European heritage. Digitalized collections are even more visible and it takes only… Read more

Author: Barbara Eelman

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Time line update severe CPU Intel bugs

3 January 2018 -

Update 19th of January 2018 15:22 All our systems are patched an updated. From now on we will work on the long term consequences of the CPU bugs. Update 12th of January 2018 17:30 Excluding some exceptions all our customer systems has been updated. Next week we will continue updating our internal systems. During these updates small interruptions to our services could occur. Therefore the updates will take place outside office hours. We will keep you posted. Update 9th January… Read more

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From now on you can’t send any unidentified e-mails from a non-existing email address

29 December 2017 -

To meet the standards we did a necessary update on our SMTP mail server on the 21th of December. This means that from now on you can’t send any unidentified e-mails from a non-existing e-mail address. The exceptions to this are the following types of addresses: webmaster@…, noreply@…., no-reply@…., wordpress@…, cron@…, and root@… .   Do you still want to use a non–existing e-mail address you can simply add a wildcard/catch-all e-mail address. When that is set, all the emails… Read more

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Greenhost Newsletter Autumn 2017

11 October 2017 -

In this newsletter we will give you a short update of the work we did the last couple of months: we’ve moved office, we have free https security on our website for all our customers, speed improvement of the databases, six tips about the security on your mobile devices and a request not to cooperate with scamming domain sellers. And if you’re a Dutch citizen please don’t forget to sign for the referendum about the Sleepwet (dragnet surveillance law)! The… Read more

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Find more blog posts on our Dutch website

22 September 2017 -

Go to: for more articles.

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Greenhost moved!

24 July 2017 -

A moving company that drives on green energy moved our boxes, desks and nucs from the canal to the Buiksloterham. An area in Amsterdam North that is in full growth. Slowly plants are arriving and we are starting to get used to our view over the hundred meters broad Johan van Hasselt canal.   Sustainable building Patch22 is energy neutral and mainly made of renewable materials. It has special glazing and heat recovery units. The roof has sedum covering and… Read more