Author: Chris Snijder

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Making Greenhost even greener

22 February 2018 -

Since Greenhost was founded we have made as many “green” choices as possible. We started by working together with EvoSwitch, continued by buying second hand furniture and developed a shared hosting environment that is extra energy efficient. But at Greenhost we do not only want to be greener than the other companies. We want to be as sustainable a company as we can be! That is why we have created a permanent team of employees that will dedicate themselves to… Read more

Author: Chris Snijder

Categories Greenhost, Privacy, Security

Free Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates (soon)

22 September 2016 -

So far if you wanted to protect the privacy of people that visit your website, the only possibility you had was to purchase a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate. Let’s Encrypt offers free certificates for securing the connection to websites using TLS, which causes the green lock icon to appear in the URL bar.   In a previous blog post we were very enthusiastic about Let’s Encrypt. We promised to implement it into our Service Centre — Cosmos, as soon… Read more