This page shows general configuration options for the mail protocols and step-by step guidelines for the most populair mail applications.
  • Managing email accounts

    You can manage the email accounts that are connected to your hosting package within the Cosmos Service Centre. This overview walks you through the different possibilities.

  • Configuring email client

    It can be convenient to manage your email using an email client, like Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Outlook. Here you can view the server settings which you will need to configure your email client.

  • Migrating your email account

    In addition to moving your domain name and website to Greenhost, it is often the idea that your email is moved as well, and preferably with the same folder structure as in your current email account. The best solution for this is to create both the old email account and the new one in IMAP in your email program. This makes moving all your mail and the familiar folder structure a matter of a few steps: Moving your IMAP email… Read more