Activate SSL/TLS for POP3

You have probably been forwarded to this manual because we noticed you still connect to our email server using a unsafe connection type. In most email clients this can relatively easily be changed by editing the account preferences.

The possibility to connect to our mail server without encryption will soon be disabled. It’s important to change the account configuration before this time, from a unencrypted POP3 connect to a POP3 connection with SSL, TLS or startTLS encryption. These settings for the incoming server can usually be found under the account settings, under a advanced menu.

For the incoming server SSL or TLS should be chosen with port 995.



Open the account settings and follow steps 1 to 4 in this image:

Outlook steps

Apple mail

On the latest version of Apple mail the port and SSL are hidden behind the "Automatically manage connection settings" check box. Click "Mail" > "Preferences"> "Advanced" > And unselect the tick box of "Automatically manage connection settings". Now you can check if you’re using port 995 with SSL

Apple mail automanage

Older versions

In older versions, you need to click "Mail" > "Preferences" and follow steps 1 to 3 in this image:

Apple mail steps

If this does not succeed or you just want to start from scratch please consult our manual for setting up email in Apple Mail.


Please follow steps 1 to 3 in the following image:

Thunderbird steps