Specifications web hosting

Your website at Greenhost is placed on a Linux server in a secured environment. The complete arsenal of libraries and applications is available to you, while your webserver will never be jeopardized by for example misusage somewhere else on our platform. The following applications and services are available to our hosting platform:

Server side applications

  • PHP1 5.6.x or 7 at option
  • Perl
  • Extensive set of PHP modules (imagick, gd, etc)

Webserver modules (Apache)

  • Redirect
  • Rewrite
  • Auth
  • Deflate
  • Expires

Standard services

  • Configuration & Management via Cosmos Service Centre
  • Auto-installer for WordPress
  • Complete DNS-management
  • DNSSEC security
  • Domein forwarding
  • Domein redirects
  • Database creation and MySQL-management
  • Web statistics
  • System load and SQL statistics
  • Webserver access and error logs
  • Shared hosting is monitored 24/7
  • Shared hosting runs on SSD drivers
  • Servers are working on Ceph
  • Hosting backups easily available via the Cosmos Service Centre
  • Stateful SQL backups available via the Cosmos Service Centre
  • E-mail support
  • Free Let's Encrypt TLS certificates

Professional packages

On top of this, to our professional customers the following extra services are offered:

  • APC (Alternative PHP Cache, till PHP versie 7) or eAccelerator for improved performance
  • Upsized memory specifications for PHP scripts
  • Scalable and clustered hosting across 3 or more nodes
  • E-mail and Phone support

Additional hosting service on request

  • Creating and managing mailing lists under your domain
  • SLA-contracts
  • Managed hosting
  • SSL-support
  1. Greenhost runs without 'PHP' safe mode, but has an alternative system to be able to offer the same security where customers are hosted in separate 'containers'.