Specifications web hosting

Your website at Greenhost is placed on a Linux server in a secured environment. The complete arsenal of libraries and applications is available to you, while your web-server will never be jeopardized by for example misuse somewhere else on our platform. The following applications and services are available to our hosting platform:

Server side applications

  • PHP1 5.6.x or 7 at option
  • Perl
  • Extensive set of PHP modules (imagick, gd, etc)

Webserver modules (Apache)

  • Redirect
  • Rewrite
  • Auth
  • Deflate
  • Expires

Standard services

  • Configuration & Management via Cosmos Service Centre
  • Auto-installer for WordPress
  • Complete DNS-management
  • DNSSEC security
  • Domain forwarding
  • Domain redirects
  • Database creation and MySQL-management
  • Web statistics
  • System load and SQL statistics
  • Webserver access and error logs
  • Shared hosting is monitored 24/7
  • Shared hosting runs on SSD drivers
  • Servers are working on Ceph
  • Hosting backups easily available via the Cosmos Service Centre
  • Stateful SQL backups available via the Cosmos Service Centre
  • E-mail support
  • Free Let's Encrypt TLS certificates

Professional packages

On top of this, to our professional customers the following extra services are offered:

  • APC (Alternative PHP Cache, till PHP version 7) or eAccelerator for improved performance
  • Upsized memory specifications for PHP scripts
  • Scalable and clustered hosting across 3 or more nodes
  • E-mail and Phone support

Additional hosting service on request

  • Creating and managing mailing lists under your domain
  • SLA-contracts
  • Managed hosting
  • SSL-support
  1. Greenhost runs without 'PHP' safe mode, but has an alternative system to be able to offer the same security where customers are hosted in separate 'containers'.