SSL Certificates


SSL certificates protect the traffic between your website and your users. An SSL certificate can be recognised by the familiar padlock symbol or green bar on your browser. If your site processes personal data an SSL certificate is mandatory.

Due to security it is not possible to use an SSL certificate from your old provider or to request one separately from a third party.

Greenhost offers the following three certificate types:

Standard Domain validated certificate

These are the most commonly used certificates on the internet, they offer the necessary security for transmitting things such as personal data. With this SSL certificate the validation is done automatically by means of an e-mail verification. This is by far the most cost-effective option. The certificate is requested for your domain or subdomain.

Wildcard Domain validated certificates

Wildcard certificates work the same way as standard certificates, the difference is that they are valid for all subdomains of your domain. This can be useful if your want to use the certificate on multiple subdomains.

Extended Validation (EV) certificates

EV certificates are the same type of certificates that are used by organisations such as financial institutions, they can often be recognised by the green bar in the browser. For an EV certificate additional information is required and therefore the application process will take longer. The identity of your organisation will be verified on the basis of your registration data at the Chamber of Commerce.

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 Standaard SSLWildcard SSLEV Certificaat
Secure connectionYes
Amount per month€ 4.58€ 12.42€ 16.58
 Standaard SSLWildcard SSLEV Certificaat
Secured connectionYes
Security level256 bit
Extended ValidationYes
Amount per month€ 4.58€ 12.42€ 16.58

*) All amounts are excluding 21% VAT. If you are located outside of the Netherlands no VAT will be calculated (for EU countries a European VAT-number is obligatory).