Outage 12 Februari solved


As the result of a malfunction originating in one of our switches in our data center our entire network in Amsterdam has been unreachable between roughly 15:15 and 16:30.

At the moment the network issues have been solved, however the outage has created some other problems.

During the outage, emails did not reach their destination. The sending of outgoing emails via our servers was not possible, our receiving email servers weren’t reachable for external email servers trying to deliver emails to us. At the moment both are online again, but because all emails from the period of the outage are now being processed so some delays should still be expected.

Sending email servers are usually configured to keep trying to connect to a unresponsive server for anywhere between 24 hours and 4 days. Because of this we expect that the emails sent during this past period will still be delivered to our servers, with a delay.

Shared hosting
At the moment we are still hard at work bringing the servers that make up our shared platform back online. We expect the different servers, and with them the websites, to come back online in the coming hour.

Because of possible issues with the network storage we have to restart all VPS-s, this is a preventive measure. Because of this we also blocked access to the VPS management elements in the Cosmos Service Centre for our customers.

Update 17:40
At the moment two thirds of our shared webhosting is back online again. We expect to be able to get the last part online before 18:00.

Update 18:10
We are solving some final problems but currently the majority of services are back online again.

Update 18:30
All services should be fully functional again. Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues currently (some delayed emails can still be expected).

Tomorrow we will publish a RFO (Reason For Outage) in which we will explain what went wrong.

The Reason for Outage can be found on our blog.

The incident has been resolved.

Type : Incident notification
Called in on 2018-02-12