Author: Barbara Eelman

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22 September 2017 -

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Author: Barbara Eelman

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Greenhost Newsletter Spring 2018

20 March 2018 -

In this spring newsletter an update on the things we’ve been working on the last few months: an open letter against the new Dutch security law, Greenhost servers are now running on energy generateded by Dutch windmills, our new VPS platform is life and DNS-over-TLS is now available. The Greenhost team Referendum new security law Tomorrow is the day! Elections will be held in the Netherlands to elect local representations. Next to this, a referendum is organized with regards to… Read more

Greenhost sponsors the Time is Now Foundation


The Time is Now Foundation is a lobby group for sustainability. The foundation states that it is about time we start to invest time and money in introducing sustainability to Dutch high school kids. With teaching sustainabilty on high schools the foundation aims to create an ethical change. To achieve this, the foundation organises round-table events quarterly. During these events a think tank is created to identify barriers and solutions for integrating sustainability in the secondary education. Greenhost thinks it… Read more

Author: Pepijn

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Improving Privacy DNS

15 March 2018 -

Last week, a small Greenhost-delegation visited the Internet Freedom Festival in order to meet other people active in the field of Privacy and Internet Freedom, and get new ideas to improve upon our services. Inspired by a great session by Daniel Khan Gillmor we immediately set up a new DNS-over-TLS server, allowing advanced users to use the internet more privately.   The Domain Name System (DNS) underpins most of our use of the Internet, by providing a way to look… Read more

Author: Wouter Valentin

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Greenhost sponsors Bepakt

14 March 2018 -

Bepakt (Dutch for ‘packed’) is an informational site about zero-waste shops in Europe. Zero-waste means reducing waste dumpting to zero, by designing and managing product chains in smart ways. On you can find hundreds of addresses of shops that sell packaging-free products. In addition, it is a starting point for more information about zero waste, for example on starting a packaging-free shop. Buying packaging-free stuff is not yet mainstream. Bepakt helps you to see where you can find packaging-free… Read more

Author: Jesse Kester

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Spam bomb, powered by your website?

7 March 2018 -

Mainly by using WordPress sites and newsletter sign up forms a huge amount of unwanted e-mail is being sent. In most cases the owners of these sites don’t know they are contributing to this problem. In the rest of this blogpost we will look at the reason for this abuse, how you can see if you are contributing to this problem too and how you can prevent it. Unwanted e-mail sent from hosting packages Recently we’ve been getting more complaints… Read more

Author: Chris Snijder

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Making Greenhost even greener

22 February 2018 -

Since Greenhost was founded we have made as many “green” choices as possible. We started by working together with EvoSwitch, continued by buying second hand furniture and developed a shared hosting environment that is extra energy efficient. But at Greenhost we do not only want to be greener than the other companies. We want to be as sustainable a company as we can be! That is why we have created a permanent team of employees that will dedicate themselves to… Read more