Ransomware on our doorstep!

16 March 2016 -

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to the infected computer system in some way, and demands that the user pays a ransom to the malware operators to remove the restriction. Windows-based computers have always been the main target, but two weeks ago also a case of ransomware for OS X surfaced. The new OS X ransomware ‘Keranger’ infected the Transmission bittorrent client installer, which has put many OS X users at risk. Last week big-name sites were… Read more

Spring news: 2-factor authentication service center, HAProxy plugin for Let’s Encrypt’ and more

1 March 2016 -

In this blog post an update on the things we’ve been working on the last few months; 2-factor authentication Service Center, HAProxy plugin for Let’s Encrypt’, Internet Thesis Price, Internet Freedom Festival and the Rapid Response Service.

Author: Deborah Meibergen

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Winter news: Important Joomla! security updates, migrations completed, DDoS and DoS attacks, Let’s Encrypt and the Free Expression Film night

17 December 2015 -

In this blog post an update on the things we’ve been working on the last few months; Migrations to Ceph platform completed, important security updates Joomla!, DDoS attacks and the impact on our platform, the Free Expression Film night and the public beta release of Let’s Encrypt. Happy holidays!   Important Joomla! security updates An important and general rule is: always keep your software up to date! More and more vulnerabilities are found every day and the consequences can be… Read more

Author: Deborah Meibergen

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The Smell of Data: What is your experience with data leaks?

10 November 2015 -

“Client info of T-mobile customers on the streets”, “Ashley Madison leaks personal details of 37m users”, “health care high on the list of leaking data.” When data leaks reach the news it is mostly about incidents of bigger institutions or companies leaking clients. But those are not the only data leaks that need attention. The biggest data leakers are we, ourselves. When we are using the internet in a ‘normal’ way we are constantly giving away bits of data with… Read more

The Free Expression Film Night: Silenced

14 October 2015 -

An evening on freedom of expression, digital rights, hacktivism, journalists and surveillance organised by Free Press Unlimited and Greenhost. On Tuesday December 1st at 20.30 hours, the documentary ‘Silenced’ by director James Spione will be screened at LAB111 in Amsterdam. Silenced, is a documentary about three whistle blowers the US government tried to silence. Spione will introduce the film that evening and will be available for Q&A and panel discussion afterwards along with whistle blower Thomas Drake (who will join… Read more

Author: Deborah Meibergen

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Autumn news: TOTEM, Greening the Cloud SSL research, Let’s Encrypt and vacancies

29 September 2015 -

TOTEM After more than a year of preparations, the TOTEM project finally kicked-off! TOTEM stands for ‘Training using Online Tools for Effectiveness and Measurability’. Our new colleague Suzanne Wissenburg is coordinating the project. The TOTEM project’s objective is to improve basic understanding of Internet security and related tools for human rights defenders, activists and journalists by creating an online classroom environment. The MOOC will improve a number of recurring issues with ‘offline’ security training’s by enriching them with this tool…. Read more