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Watch out for domain fraud!

22 June 2017 -

Already in June 2016 we posted a blog about domain fraud (in Dutch). Lately we are again receiving several phone calls from customers because scammers are trying to sell them a domain. Don’t buy it! Related domain names A common heard story is that people are called with the claim that a party is interested in the .com domain name of the .nl domain you have registered. Because the .nl domain name is registered under your name, you have the… Read more

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To cache or not to cache, that’s the query

5 May 2017 -

Everyone has had the experience, staring at a browser and wondering why a particular website was taking such a long time to load. What makes websites slow can depend on several factors. Is the code efficient? Is the webserver efficient? How efficient is the storage? As a hosting provider mindful of sustainability, we are always trying to improve performance on our side, while also keeping redundancy in place as much as possible. Recently, we noticed one of our SQL servers… Read more

Author: Barbara Eelman

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Six mobile device security tips

26 January 2017 -

Your smart phone contains a lot of your private data. But do you know how and where your data is stored? Who has access to it? How do you protect your data from third parties that are trying to collect it? Smart phone operating systems do not give you much control over your data by default, but with minimal effort you can gain control over your data and your mobile device’s behavior. Following up the six tips below will make… Read more

Author: maarten

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TLS certificates, for everyone!

19 December 2016 -

As you could read in our blog post from a couple of months ago we have been working on incorporating Let’s Encrypt’s free TLS certificates in our hosting environment. TLS certificates are needed for a safe and good website. With it, you will have improved security, more privacy and higher search engine rankings. Please read our previous blogpost for a detailed summary of how TLS certificates work. Today (December 19, 2016), we are pleased to announce that these certificates are… Read more

Autumn newsletter: Let’s Encrypt, deprecation of old PHP-versions and more…

13 October 2016 -

Deprecation old PHP-versions Almost all our customers use PHP, and it is very important to keep this up to date. In the short term, several versions of PHP will be deprecated. This means that you probably have to change your PHP-version as well. For those readers wondering what PHP is, and what this may mean for you, we have a short explanation in this post. Update: Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates Let’s Encrypt offers free certificates for securing the connection to… Read more

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Deprecation old PHP-versions

28 September 2016 -

Coming soon, several versions of PHP will be deprecated. This may mean that you will have to change your PHP-version as well. For those readers wondering what PHP is and what this may mean for you, I will briefly explain in this post.