Author: Barbara Eelman

Categories Security

Watch out for domain fraud!

Already in June 2016 we posted a blog about domain fraud (in Dutch). Lately we are again receiving several phone calls from customers because scammers are trying to sell them a domain. Don’t buy it!

Related domain names

A common heard story is that people are called with the claim that a party is interested in the .com domain name of the .nl domain you have registered. Because the .nl domain name is registered under your name, you have the first right to register the .com before the other party does. If you don’t pay for the .com version of your existing domain, you will miss out on this domain. In reality there is no other party who is interested in your domain. The company that is calling you is registering the domains.

Don’t buy their offer

Usually they offer multi-annual contracts for a high price, and after the phone call customers get high bills via e-mail. Unfortunately this kind of fraud happens quite regularly. SIDN already had a post about this earlier this year and recommended not to accept any such offers.

Don’t be fooled

Of course you don’t have to listen to these scams. If you want a .com domain and be sure that you’re in control of this domain, then don’t go for their offer! Find yourself a reliable hosting company to register the domain with. In case you have any doubt about a third party offer, please contact us.