Managed Services

Not all websites or applications are the same. Some applications are essential to provide stability to an organisation’s backbone. This can vary from (private) e-mail servers through video conferencing tools to whistle-blowing platforms. These types of applications require excellent monitoring and maintenance to facilitate your organisations day-to-day activities.

Please find out what we can do for you, by contacting us.

Special needs require tailored solutions. If your organisation has specific requests, please contact us to see if we can provide a solution. Particularly for organisations for which privacy and security are critical, we can provide support by installing your required applications. In addition to such installations, we can take care of monitoring and maintenance. Of course your applications will be hosted in a secure, reliable, sustainable and flexible way.

When services are mission critical


Greenhost can assist with the setup and maintenance of the tools that help your organisation develop. We specialise in Open Source applications for organisations where security and privacy are especially important, such as journalists and Human Rights Defenders.

A number of frequently used applications we can offer:

  • Zimbra mail and collaboration server
  • Whistle blowing platforms using GlobaLeaks
  • VPN / Viper platforms
  • Jitsi Meet
  • Etherpad
  • Docker

To find out what solution we can offer you, Please contact us.

Service Level Agreements

In addition to the installation of your required applications, Greenhost can also take care of maintenance and monitoring.

We offer a range of SLA-contracts with different degrees of coverage, from automated monitoring only to full installation, maintenance and incident response, and with different service windows, from 8/5 till 24/7 availability.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.