Our servers are located in Evoswitch, the first climate-neutral data center in the Netherlands. Your e-mail, website or VPS are easily accessible thanks to a number of fiberglass connections that link the data center to the largest internet exchange point in Europe. The energy is generated entirely from wind turbines located in the Dutch province of Zeeland.

Quick response to your questions

Our service centre allows you to change the configurations of your package yourself. Among other things you can change your password, create email boxes, set up spam filters and configure the DNS. If you can’t find the required information on our service pages, or you have a different question, you can always contact our helpdesk by telephone or e-mail.

Ready for the future

At any point you can upgrade to a larger package, you only pay the difference in price over the remaining period. Unique to Greenhost is the ability to have multiple domains and websites within one package. One hosting package will therefore cover all your domains. Contact us if you are looking for custom packages regarding the use of Ruby on Rails, Python, Tomcat or other web frameworks.

No concern about security

Security on the internet means much more than just good physical protection of computer systems, this is in fact only the start. In the battle against spam, viruses and hacking Greenhost applies the most modern security techniques. Furthermore, our systems are continuously kept up to date with the latest security updates.

Always online due to multiple systems

Greenhost uses cluster hosting, a technique whereby a website is hosted on multiple computers at the same time. If one of the computers develops a problem, your website will remain fully accessible as the other computers will automatically take over its traffic. This results in a higher level of reliability and therefore optimal accessibility to your website.

  • Overview
  • Specifications

 Personal hostingProfessional hostingPremium hosting
Domain nameFirst one is free
Storage512 MB3 GB30 GB
Traffic5 GB/mnd50 GB/mnd300 GB/mnd
TechnologyPHP 5.6 or 7, MySQL etc.
Amount per monthvanaf € 4.50vanaf € 9.92vanaf € 59.00
 Personal hostingProfessional hostingPremium hosting
Domain nameFirst one is for free
Storage space512 MB3 GB30 GB
Traffic5 GB/mnd50 GB/mnd300 GB/mnd
E-mail opslag3 GB15 GB45 GB
Number of databases52030
Number of servers235
PHP5.6 or 7
PHP ModuleslibGD, Imagick, MySQL, XMLRPC, CUrl, DomXML, SQLite
SSH AccessYes
DNS ManagementYes
Apache ModulesModRewrite, ModDeflate
Amount per monthvanaf € 4.50vanaf € 9.92vanaf € 59.00

*) All amounts are excluding 21% VAT. If you are located outside of the Netherlands no VAT will be calculated (for EU countries a European VAT-number is obligatory).