Libre Hosting

The Internet as a free and open space is under pressure every day. Greenhost regards the Internet as a medium for accessible information, a platform for partnerships and a forum to express and form opinions. As such, the distributed foundations of the Internet and the data and privacy of individual users should be safeguarded.

We actively participate in the following projects regarding digital security and human rights, by sharing knowledge, supporting partnerships and developing open source applications in-house.

Rapid Response Services

Organisations, activists, journalists and other human rights defenders can face digital attacks and emergencies of various kinds. If these problems concern the delivery of (hosting) services, the Greenhost Rapid Response team can assist you.

If your website is attacked frequently and you are a journalist, activist or part of an NGO, non-profit organisation or research institute the Rapid Response Fund might be a solution for you. The Rapid Response Fund aims to facilitate a strong digital emergency response to resolve digital threats in a timely and comprehensive manner. This service is initiated by the Open Technology Fund (OTF) and Greenhost is one of the providers.

Because of the nature of this funding, the support is only available when there is a clear time-sensitive digital emergency in which applicants are seeking short-term and urgent support.


Totem is an online learning platform that offers educational courses about digital security and privacy and related tools and tactics for journalists, activists and human rights defenders in a safe, online classroom environment. It is also developed to assist digital security trainers before, during and after an "off-line" training.

The Totem platform is built using the open-source Open edX MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) software. The platform has been carefully designed to be safe and privacy-preserving by collecting minimal data about the users and using secure, modern encryption to prevent any eavesdropping. Developed in collaboration by Greenhost and Free Press Unlimited, with help from the Internet Freedom community.


Today, software tools and services coming out of the Internet Freedom community often rely on bare-bone Linux servers for installation, and assume a level of technical competency to maintain and update.

With OpenAppStack we aim to do away with the technical knowledge barrier and offer a user-friendly platform. Using OpenAppStack, a moderately technical person can select the services an organisation needs and set up an instance of that service in seconds. Updates are provided automatically, thus providing a user experience more similar to "multi-tenant" alternatives as hosted by other companies on their servers.

Initially OpenAppStack will introduce the most popular services like: file sharing and shared calendars, internal chat communication, conferencing and web publication.

When working with privacy-sensitive information it is not always wise to depend on (virtualised) hardware from big corporations like Amazon, Azure and Digital Ocean. You preferably want a trustworthy product with accessible, hands-on support, tailored for your cause. is a free, lightweight platform where developers of tools and services can launch virtual private servers to facilitate an easily accessible cloud infrastructure.

This means that you can deploy your own (encrypted) mail, chat and video services all around the world, or build your own applications on the platform. More info on this project can be found at

If you are interested in, but not working on a humanitarian project, that's no problem! Order a Greenhost VPS here instead!


The Internet was not designed with anonymity in mind, and therefore all information flows can be traced to their origins, unless specific measures are taken. The main goal of PANORAMIX is to provide privacy via mix-networks. Mix-nets are networks of servers that receive messages from multiple senders, shuffle them, and then send them to their final destination. As such, a mix-net could be a powerful and versatile tool in any communication application where privacy and anonymity are required. The primary application of PANORAMIX concerns the development of a comprehensive mix-net infrastructure for exploitation in many possible use-cases.