With SSD, Ceph and Xen as pillars, combined with high connectivity, Greenhost can boast a stable and fast platform. With over 10 years of experience maintaining our platform and supporting customers, we have developed a high level of expertise in dealing with various packages and configurations. Using 100% Dutch wind energy for our hosting and various measures to reduce environmental impact, we strive towards maximal sustainability in every step of our production process. Please find out what we can do for you below.

Hosting and Domain registrations

Sustainable hosting is the foundation of Greenhost. Whether you are building a small placeholder or portfolio-site, a larger web shop or business site, or a demanding multi-media campaign website, Greenhost offers PHP based web hosting packages for all users and requirements. Hosting packages all include backups, email services for unlimited number of users and full control of your services through our in-house developed Service Centre.

Please have a look at the available packages and specifications.

Our hosting packages work on PHP and MySQL. If you need anything else, take a look at our Virtual Private Servers.

Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers more options and flexibility than shared hosting, while performance, cost-efficiency and sustainability aspects outdo dedicated physical servers. Our VPSs are scalable, allowing for quick and easy upgrades in for example disk space and memory. As soon as you are a customer, you can start and stop new VPSs within minutes. We offer several flavours of Linux, and our servers are located in a sustainable data centre in the Netherlands.

More details, specifications and prices can be found here.

Managed Services

Through Managed Services we offer more complex hosting setups with special requirements. Managed hosting makes sure your applications are hosted in a sustainable, flexible way without worrying about monitoring, maintenance or availability. We can also provide support by installing your required applications, particularly for organisations for which privacy and security are mission critical.

If you need a custom solution, please contact us.


Next to our hosting products, we actively participate in several projects regarding digital security and human rights, by sharing knowledge, supporting partnerships and developing open source applications in-house.

The Internet as a free and open space is under pressure every day. Greenhost regards the Internet as a medium for accessible information, a platform for partnerships and a forum to form and express opinions. As such, the distributed foundations of the Internet should be safeguarded. Greenhost plays an active role in this process by starting or supporting initiatives for an open and free Internet and advocating for its sensible use.