Virtual Private Server

If shared webhosting does not give you the flexibility you need, you will quickly end up with a VPS. A Virtual Private Server offers more options and flexibility than shared hosting, while performance, cost-efficiency and sustainability aspects outdo dedicated physical servers. With SSD, Ceph and Xen as pillars, combined with high connectivity, Greenhost boasts a stable and fast platform. Our VPSs are scalable, allowing you to easily upgrade disk space and memory, for example. Once you are a customer, you can stop and start new VPSs in seconds with the click of a button.

The VPS packages below are the most popular configurations, you can pick one and order it straight away, or you can change the configuration to your liking. It is also possible to go straight to the configuration section to configure a custom VPS.

For more details, specifications and prices, please see below.

Choose a VPS package

Green 1

Processors 1
Memory 1 GB
Disk Storage 5 GB
Data limit 5 TB / month
€ 5.75 / month

Green 2

Processors 1
Memory 2 GB
Disk Storage 10 GB
Data limit 10 TB / month
€ 11.50 / month

Green 4

Processors 2
Memory 4 GB
Disk Storage 10 GB
Data limit 20 TB / month
€ 21.50 / month

Green 8

Processors 4
Memory 8 GB
Disk Storage 20 GB
Data limit 20 TB / month
€ 43.00 / month

Green 12

Processors 6
Memory 12 GB
Disk Storage 20 GB
Data limit 20 TB / month
€ 63.00 / month

Green 16

Processors 8
Memory 16 GB
Disk Storage 40 GB
Data limit 40 TB / month
€ 86.00 / month

Configure your VPS

You can select a standard package above and adjust the configuration just below. If you want to manually select your configuration, you may press the button below.

Product overview

All VPS products have the following features:

  • Powered by 100% Dutch wind energy
  • Pay per second
  • Servers located in the Netherlands
  • Fast SSD storage with factor 3 redundancy
  • Modern Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS
  • Control panel and virtual KVM
  • SSH access
  • Regular backups (optional)
  • Full disk encryption (optional)
  • Xen based hybrid virtualisation

VPSs can be invoiced annually, monthly or pre-paid. Prices do not include VAT. If you are located in the Netherlands, the VAT percentage will be 21%, in other EU countries you will pay the usual high tariff. If you are located outside the EU, no VAT will be charged, but you need to inform your local tax service.