Here we provide you with user guides to help you navigate your hosting environment and manage your website.

Hosting management

On creating your account we are using default hosting settings. If you wish, then you can make some changes to alter the performance of your hosting package.

WordPress installer

With the WordPress-installer in the Service Centre you can easily install WordPress ready for use under a domain name in your hosting package. This is a manual for installing via this installer.

Database management

We offer you the possibility to manage MySQL-databases through the 'MySQL Databases' menu on the 'Hosting' page of the Service Centre.

TLS encryption (HTTPS)

We offer free TLS certificates to everyone, provided by Let's Encrypt. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over SSL and is the secure alternative to HTTP.

Domain management

You are offered the possibility of managing your domains. You can create sub-domains and redirects. It is possible to customise the DNS and the name servers as well.

SFTP file management

You can access your hosting data through SFTP. SFTP gives you the possibility to manage your files and folders using an SFTP client.

Secure Shell Access (SSH)

Your hosting data is accessible through Secure Shell (SSH/). You can also give external developers access to your hosting package.


Greenhost backs up all sites hosted on our Shared Hosting platform. You can download the file server and database backups from the Service Centre.

Improving performance

Do you have the feeling that your website is slow or rather not optimal? Have a look at these pages with tips for improving the performance of your website.