Secure Shell Access (SSH)

Your hosting data is accessible through Secure Shell (SSH). SSH access is disabled for the webmaster account by default, but you can simply turn it on within the Service Centre. Also, external developers can be given access by adding their SSH key to the respective hosting package in the Cosmos Service Centre.


SSH access as webmaster

You need to active the following option to use SSH as a webmaster on the FTP server

Enabling SSH for webmaster user

To enable SSH for the webmaster user, please login to the Cosmos Service Centre as webmaster. Select the domain name of the webmaster user. Under the 'Hosting' tab select 'Email-accounts' in the bottom left-hand pane and click the pencil in front of the webmaster account. Set the Login Shell to 'Shell Access' using the drop down menu, and save. It make take a few minutes to completely process your changes, after which you will be able to connect through SSH using the following command in your terminal: ssh

Login with SSH

Use your command-line tool of choice to login into the ftp-server with ssh. Use the following command, and replace the non Italic part with your domain name of your webmaster master account:


$ ssh

Press enter to activate this command. You're now asked for your password, this is the same one as the webmaster password you use to login into the Cosmos Service Centre.

Standard login credentials:

  • Server name:
  • Username: your webmaster-account ('')`


  • RSA-fingerprint: 2048 16:55:bf:c4:82:7b:45:f2:10:56:4a:17:22:de:cc:81
  • ECDSA-fingerprint: `256 57:a0:51:02:7d:ad:26:fc:87:65:10:12:7a:50:ca:13

SSH activating for your webmaster account can be done via the account configuration in the Cosmos Service Centre.

SSH keys for remote access

With SSH keys you can login on your hosting at or without any need of the password of the webmaster account. In this way you can give a web developer or someone else access to your website without having access to your Service Centre. You can add multiple SSH keys and in this way give several people access to your hosting.

What are SSH keys?

SSH keys are some kind of public key system where a key pair is used that consists in a public key and a private key. You can upload the public key to your hosting package and after that you can login there with your private key.

This can be understood as a key and a lock, which are then the private key and the public key respectively. You place the lock (public key) on that which you want to secure, in this case your hosting package, and subsequently you have access with your key (private key).

In addition to support of SSH keys by all SSH programs, some FTP programs support SSH keys as well, such as FileZilla.

Managing SSH keys

Managing SSH keys

Before you can upload an SSH key, first you or the one who wants access needs to generate an SSH keypair. How to do this exactly depends on your operating system. With an internet search online many easy-reference manuals can be found.

To manage SSH keys you can go in the Service Centre to Hosting and then to SSH keys. On the page you see an overview of all SSH keys that have access to your hosting package.

  • Adding an SSH key: click on 'Add SSH key', paste the SSH key in the field Public Key and click on 'Create'
  • Removing an SSH key: click on the rubbish bin for the particular SSH key

Modifying an SSH-key

An SSH key cannot be modified. So if an SSH key does need to be modified, the old one should be removed and the new one should be uploaded.