Rapid Response Services


If your website is often under attack and you are part of an NGO, non-profit organization, research institute, a journalist or activist the Rapid Response Fund might be a solution for you. The Rapid Response Fund aims to facilitate a strong digital emergency response to resolve digital threats in a timely and comprehensive manner. The objective of this service is initiated by the Open Technology Fund (OTF). Greenhost is one of the providers of this service.

For who?

Organizations, activists, journalists and other human rights defenders can face digital attacks and emergencies of various kinds. When these problems concern the delivery of (hosting) services, the Rapid Response team can assist you. Because of the nature of this funding, the support is only available when there is a clear time-sensitive digital emergency in which the applicant is seeking short-term and urgent support. For an overview of addressed problems, supported efforts and included services, click here.


Greenhost will submit a request on your behalf at OTF. Eligibility requirements, contract specifications, and further information on the review and selection process can be found here.

Packages, services & pricing

To see the hosting packages and services we offer, please click here.

Additional services for Rapid Response

For an overview of our additional services, follow this link.

Want to apply for the Rapid Response Service?

You can find the application form here. Fill in the essential details here and we will contact you to support you and submit a complete application.

All created Rapid Response Services contracts have a maximum term of 12 months. Within, or just after this period, the contract should be moved to another contract at Greenhost, a different agreement or should be terminated (and thus, moved away form this umbrella contract). This ensures the umbrella contract is only used for incidents and emergencies and is not abused to setup regular services. Once a request for services under this contract is received, validation of OTF is required. Once this one-time validation is done, direct contact with affected parties is setup and no direct interaction with OTF is required.

After receiving the form, Greenhost will determine what the best service to host your website on will be and we will make a migration plan together with the provided tech-contact. At the same time Greenhost will submit a proposal on behalf of the applicant at OTF. If OTF approves the proposal, then it’s a go. We do our utmost best to ensure that the requested services will be up- and running within two weeks, however, this also depends on the response time of the technical contact.

*) All amounts are excluding 21% VAT. If you are located outside of the Netherlands no VAT will be calculated (for EU countries a European VAT-number is obligatory).