Statement on Gefira

Greenhost stops providing hosting services to

Amsterdam, 5.11.2021

As providers of socially responsible digital infrastructure, we believe protecting human rights is at the core of our service. We take a very careful, but principled, approach when striking a balance between protecting freedom of speech on one side and championing freedom from persecution, and protection from incitement of hatred on the other.

On Wednesday 3.11.2021, we became aware that one of our clients has been publicly accused of promoting antisemitic hatred. This violates our Terms of Service, and is counter to our values and principles.

Our terms of service prohibit that the Services are used to publish or disseminate Materials (whether they are lawful or not) that: are evidently libelous, slanderous, abusive, racist, discriminatory or inciting hatred.

After we were made aware of this, we have conducted our own research both internally and by consulting external experts. Based on these assessments and in accordance with our Terms of Service, we informed the client that we are ending our contract effective immediately.