Hall of fame

At Greenhost, we consider the security of our systems a top priority. But no matter how much effort we put into system security, there can still be vulnerabilities present. This is why we have a Responsible disclosure policy, allowing independent researchers to find and report vulnerabilities to us that may exist in our systems, in exchange for a reward.

As an additional thank-you gift, this page lists –with their permission– the security researchers that reported serious vulnerabilities. We also included an explaination of the vulnerability, and how it was fixed by our team.

Security researchers

Sandip Dhanwai

During an order, the browser sends an order id and a authentication token. Before the payment, the authentication token was not checked against the order id. This would allow a potential attacker to access the name, phone number, mail address of current and past customers having made an order by guessing their id, by doctoring a PayPal link. This was fixed by also checking the authentication token during this step.

  • Rewarded: € 1000
  • Reported on: 1 Sep 2020

Shrestha Anand

During an order, the browser sends the order id via the URL to a webpage. It was possible for a potential attacker to inject JavaScript code by appending it to the order id. This was fixed by using the order object id instead of the provided value.

  • Rewarded: € 800
  • Reported on: 27 Jun 2020

Rahul Kumar Rai

We have a web form on our website that can be used to send feedback. It used to send a reply to the mail address that was provided. It is open to the public and we can not verify the address. In a recent update of the website this message was then delivered to our ticket system that auto-replied to the address provided. As such, this would have allowed an attacker to send spam or malicious links to random addresses. This was fixed by reverting to the old behaviour of not sending automatic replies for the web form.

  • Rewarded: € 150
  • Reported on: 29 Jan 2020