Migrating your email account

In addition to moving your domain name and website to Greenhost, it is often the idea that your email is moved as well, and preferably with the same folder structure as in your current email account. The best solution for this is to create both the old email account and the new one in IMAP in your email program. This makes moving all your mail and the familiar folder structure a matter of a few steps:

Moving your IMAP email account

  • Login with your administrator account in the Greenhost Service Centre and create the same email address as the current one at your old provider.
  • Add the old email account in your mail program if this was not already done so. If the account is still to be added, make sure it is an IMAP connection.
  • Add the new email account that was created at Greenhost to your email program. Make sure that this is an IMAP connection too.
  • Next, drag all folders and if necessary individual emails from the old to the new account.
  • All folders and emails are now being moved. Dependent on how many mail is to be copied this can take a while, but after a while everything is transferred to your new email account and available on the servers of Greenhost. You can then end the old email account without worries.

Moving your POP3 email account

We recommend using IMAP. This has many benefits in relation to POP3. You can transfer your current POP3 email account just as easily to an IMAP email account at Greenhost as described above. You just need to ignore step 2 and follow the rest of the steps.