Stateless backup

Greenhost only makes is possible to make stateless backups. This means, while the system is running, we make a snapshot of the filesystem and copy this data to our backup platform.

Although the snapshot is atomic, it can mean there is inconsistency in higher levels of the system, like the database files or file-system journal files.

For production platforms we strongly advice to use a state-full backup of your data. This is very application specific and as such Greenhost can not offer this on the VPS platform.

Backup frequency

Backups are made daily. 7 daily and 4 weekly backups are kept on the platform.

Enable backups

Backups operate on disk-image level. To enable backup for a disk-image please go to:

  • In the top menu choose "VPS panel"
  • In the left menu choose "Disk Images"
  • Enable backup by making sure the backup switch is on in the table for the disk-image of you system

Restoring data from backups

Please contact support to restore data of backups. Depending on the data needed different approach can be applied. For restoring costs can apply.