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A moving company that drives on green energy moved our boxes, desks and nucs from the canal to the Buiksloterham. An area in Amsterdam North that is in full growth. Slowly plants are arriving and we are starting to get used to our view over the hundred meters broad Johan van Hasselt canal.

Sustainable building

Patch22 is energy neutral and mainly made of renewable materials. It has special glazing and heat recovery units. The roof has sedum covering and solar panels and rainwater is collected and reused in a greywater system. Surplus electricity is returned to the electricity grid. Required heat is generated with CO2 neutral pellet stoves – those burn compressed waste wood. The structure and facade of the 30 meter high building are made from the renewable material wood. In addition. there are flexibly arranged installations. When it is necessary to shift pipework and cabling, the top floor can be removed. In this way the building has an EPC of 0,2 and a GPR score of 8,9.


In the past this area in Amsterdam was the home of heavy industry; such as the first Fokker-airplane factory, a Shell lab, big shipyards and other manufacturing. After all of these industries slowly left, the heavily polluted areal stayed abandoned. Since 2008 Buiksloterham is being transformed into an area where sustainable living and working meets together. The old buildings are being re-used and there are several modular parcels. Residents can build their own homes here. The area is expected to be completed approximately in 2030.

You'll find us on our new address:

Johan van Hasseltkade 202 1032 LP  Amsterdam