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Greenhost is joining the climate strike on 27 September

Greenhost is joining the global climate strike organised in Den Haag on September 27, 2019. Because our employees will be in Den Haag, our office and help desk will be closed on that day and we will not answer the phone. Outside of the time we demonstrate, we will still attempt to handle as many emails as possible and there is somebody on call for technical emergencies.

Why are we striking?

Greenhost provides sustainable hosting and focuses on sustainability on all other aspects in our company. However, we alone are not going to solve the climate crisis. It is time for governments all over the world to take action, and they are not doing enough yet.


Greenhost sponsors the Time is Now Foundation

The Time is Now Foundation is a lobby group for sustainability. The foundation states that it is about time we start to invest time and money in introducing sustainability to Dutch high school kids. With teaching sustainability on high schools the foundation aims to create an ethical change.

To achieve this, the foundation organises round-table events quarterly. During these events a think tank is created to identify barriers and solutions for integrating sustainability in the secondary education.

Greenhost thinks it is important that more people are properly educated about sustainability...


Greenhost sponsors Bepakt

Bepakt (Dutch for 'packed') is an informational site about zero-waste shops in Europe. Zero-waste means reducing waste dumping to zero, by designing and managing product chains in smart ways. On you can find hundreds of addresses of shops that sell packaging-free products. In addition, it is a starting point for more information about zero waste, for example on starting a packaging-free shop.

Buying packaging-free stuff is not yet mainstream. Bepakt helps you to see where you can find packaging-free shops. You can reduce your material footprint by buying less packaged products and...


Making Greenhost even greener

Since Greenhost was founded we have made as many "green" choices as possible. We started by working together with EvoSwitch, continued by buying second hand furniture and developed a shared hosting environment that is extra energy efficient. But at Greenhost we do not only want to be greener than the other companies. We want to be as sustainable a company as we can be!

That is why we have created a permanent team of employees that will dedicate themselves to keep the "Green" in "Greenhost. We have identified the following as important next steps:

  • Yearly reporting of our energy usage

Greenhost moved!

A moving company that drives on green energy moved our boxes, desks and nucs from the canal to the Buiksloterham. An area in Amsterdam North that is in full growth. Slowly plants are arriving and we are starting to get used to our view over the hundred meters broad Johan van Hasselt canal.

Sustainable building

Patch22 is energy neutral and mainly made of renewable materials. It has special glazing and heat recovery units. The roof has sedum covering and solar panels and rainwater is collected and reused in a greywater system. Surplus electricity is returned to the electricity grid. Required...


Greening the Cloud

Greenhost is always looking for ways to make IT more sustainable. Greenhost joined the "Greening the Cloud" coalition a project to do research on the energy usage of servers.

In collaboration with three other hosting providers and students of the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we will do a series of research projects to make cloud computing cleaner and more efficient. On June 10 2015 we had a meeting to discuss the ideas and experiences of all involved.


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