Greenhost sponsors Bepakt

Bepakt (Dutch for 'packed') is an informational site about zero-waste shops in Europe. Zero-waste means reducing waste dumping to zero, by designing and managing product chains in smart ways. On you can find hundreds of addresses of shops that sell packaging-free products. In addition, it is a starting point for more information about zero waste, for example on starting a packaging-free shop.

Buying packaging-free stuff is not yet mainstream. Bepakt helps you to see where you can find packaging-free shops. You can reduce your material footprint by buying less packaged products and Bepakt shows where and how. Greenhost gladly sponsors Bepakt because zero-waste is aligned to our mission to make the world more sustainable.

You can find the site here:


This video is linked on The video is made by pioneer Bea Johnson, who reduced her waste to 1 litre per year.