Greenhost is joining the climate strike on 27 September

Greenhost is joining the global climate strike organised in Den Haag on September 27, 2019. Because our employees will be in Den Haag, our office and help desk will be closed on that day and we will not answer the phone. Outside of the time we demonstrate, we will still attempt to handle as many emails as possible and there is somebody on call for technical emergencies.

Why are we striking?

Greenhost provides sustainable hosting and focuses on sustainability on all other aspects in our company. However, we alone are not going to solve the climate crisis. It is time for governments all over the world to take action, and they are not doing enough yet.

Where is it?

The global climate strike is organised in 150 different countries between 20 and 27 September 2019. We are joining the Dutch Klimaatstaking on the 27th in Den Haag, Koekamp, 13:00h.

Will we see you there?