Lost password

There are two different procedures to retrieve a lost password depending on which password was lost: the password of an email address or the webmaster password.

Lost email password

If you lost the password to a normal email account, please contact your webmaster and ask for an new password. Your webmaster will then be able to provide you with a new password. If you have the webmaster credentials yourself, but do not know how to change the password for other email accounts, please have a look at this helpdesk page.

Lost webmaster password

If the password to your webmaster account is lost, the primary contact or someone with previous authorisation may request a password reset link. After a general check we will send a password reset link to the email address of the primary contact. If the email address of the primary contact as we know it is no longer in use, then please contact us to start a procedure to officially change this email address. Please note that the password reset link can be used for a limited amount of time only.

Safety requirements for passwords

A new password should consist of at least 8 characters, one capital letter and one number or a special character. Never use existing passwords. We recommend using a password manager like KeePass to enable you to create longer and more complex passwords without the need to memorize them.