Greenhost Newsletter Spring 2018

In this spring newsletter an update on the things we've been working on the last few months: an open letter against the new Dutch security law, Greenhost servers are now running on energy generated by Dutch windmills, our new VPS platform is life and DNS-over-TLS is now available.

The Greenhost team

Referendum new security law

Tomorrow is the day! Elections will be held in the Netherlands to elect local representations. Next to this, a referendum is organised with regards to a new law, governing the rights and responsibilities of intelligence services with regards to hacking and digital tapping.

We believe this new law is flawed and leaky, and we would want to see it rejected in it's current form. Together with a number of experts from the field of privacy and digital security we substantiate our objections here.

So, if you live in the Netherlands, and you are eligible to vote, please vote no on this Wet op de Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdiensten!

Now: Greenhost even greener

Sustainability has been part of the mission of Greenhost from the start. Recently we have set up a project group to think of new ways Greenhost can be more sustainable. The first success is that our data centre has decided to switch to a greener energy supplier. All our customers and websites are now fully running on Dutch wind energy.

Read more details on how we commit on making Greenhost even greener.

New VPS environment live

Over the past months, we ran a beta-testing program on our new VPS-environment. Thanks to the feedback of the participants, we can now boast a stable and flexible platform, which we happily opened up to all existing customers.

From our Service Centre all current customers can now activate the VPS panel, free of charge. After activation you can create and destroy your own VPSes and selecting your own requirements. On creation of a new VPS you will directly see recurring costs for that VPS, which will be charged at the end of the month. On removing a VPS, costs will immediately stop being added.

For any questions, please contact our help desk.

Improving privacy DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) underpins most of our use of the Internet, by providing a way to look up IP addresses from domain names. Unfortunately, by design this provides very little privacy.

Work is now being done to find a solution to this problem. Contributing to this project, we set up a new DNS-over-TLS server, allowing advanced users to use the internet more privately.

For more details, please check this blog post.

Greenhost Sponsors

In order to support initiatives that match our ideals we sponsor web hosting for a number of grass roots projects in the field of sustainability, privacy and culture. We would like to highlight some of these projects here:

  • Art Up Your Tab is a browser plug-in sharing a large collection of art and archival files with interested internet users
  • Bepakt want to help reduce material footprints by buying less packaged products. This site shows how and where customers can buy their groceries without superfluous packaging materials
  • The Time Is Now Foundation is working to improve eduction on sustainability in high schools